Purpose:  To improve teacher education, broadly conceived, in the Southeastern United States directly and indirectly throughout the nation by affiliation with the national organization, the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) by means of:

  1. Conferences held throughout the Southeastern United States which will provide for:

  • Distinguished lectures in Teacher Education;

  • Panel discussions on various issues dealing with the preparation of teachers; and

  • Various forms of studying and examining issues that deal with the improvement of education at all levels in both public and private settings.

  1. Research and Study activities that lead to more effective programs in education by:

  • Supporting research activities;

  • Recognizing outstanding educational programs; and

  • Recognizing outstanding writings and research.


  1. Professional growth opportunities for members by:

  • Association with other teacher educators;

  • Membership on study groups and committees; and

  • Cooperation with other educational agencies, organizations, and institutions.


  1. A catalyst through which related teacher organizations may:

  • Engage in productive dialogue;

  • Cooperate in services; and

  • Share in publications, research, and creative activity.

Contact the executive secretary for the complete set of bylaws.