Volume 29(1) 2019


Making the Case for Becoming a Teacher: Closing the Parity Gap in Recruitment
Baker, Livers, and Steuer: Abstract - Article

Providing Teacher Candidates Experience in Data Teams: Analyzing Literacy Data
Danley: Abstract - Article

Supporting Opportunities for All: Strategic Collaborative Partnerships to Increase Book Access for Children
Green, Nadelson, and Miller: Abstract - Article

A NASA/University Faculty Development Partnership: Equipping Educators to Promote Equity in STEM Education
Huling and Resta: Abstract - Article

Collaboration and Connections among Middle School Teachers of Mathematics: Enhancing Efficacy through Professional Learning Communities
Little: Abstract - Article

Cooperating Teachers: Willing Partners or Reluctant Participants?
Parks, Oslick, and Tichenor: Abstract - Article

Education Candidates’ Perceptions of Title I Public Schools
Thomas-Richmond, R. Costner, Hit, and B. Costner: Abstract - Article

Are Scientific Reading Instruction and Dyslexia Interventions the Same? Distinctions for Elementary Education Preparation Programs
Woods and Graham: Abstract - Article

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