Volume 30(1) 2021


Poverty Index Specificity and Academic Achievement in South Carolina: An Example of Building Teacher Candidate Advocacy One Policy Consideration at a Time
Jackson Smith: Abstract - Article

Parent Perceptions of Technology Use in K-12 Classrooms
Maxwell, Kamp, and Cullen: Abstract - Article

Preservice Teachersí Performance and Confidence in Their Readiness to Teach: An Exploratory Study
McConnell III, Teske, Attwood, and Barron: Abstract - Article

They Felt Like Real Teachers
Pate and Adams: Abstract - Article

Examining Preservice Teacher Attitudes and Efficacy about Inclusive Education
Puliatte, Martin, and Bostedor: Abstract - Article

Investigating Teacherís Practices and Beliefs of Data Literacy to Enhance Pre-service Teacher Education
Schramm-Possinger and Harris: Abstract - Article

The Limitations of Performance-based Assessment: Disparities in Teacher Diversity
Short: Abstract - Article

Motivating Preservice Teachers to Read for Fun
Tichenor, Piechura, and Heins: Abstract - Article

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